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New NXT1000 2nd Generation Turn & Mill Complete Machining comes to Ring Precision Components

High Precision, High Efficiency and Integrated Turn & Mill Center just Installed at the Jamestown, New York location. The NXT 1000 2nd Generation is a highly efficient turn & mill machining center with the smallest footprint in its class and is ideal for medical technology, aerospace, or electronics applications.


  • 5-axis simultaneous machining of complex workpieces(example: medical, aerospace and automotive) thanks to the Direct Drive B-axis (DDM®)
  • Optimized work area with a 78% larger Z-travelfor workpieces up to 31.5 in. length and ø 16.9 in.: machining of large workpieces with minimal interference contours on the compact milling spindle and the optional lower turret; up to 10 directly driven tools with 10,000 rpm.
  • More machining flexibilitywith the X-travel path up to 4.1 in. under the spindle center
  • Greatest consistent precisionwithout compensation through thermal control and roller guides for 50% less backlash: patented (pending) heat-symmetrical spindle headstock cooling structure; cooling of all ball screws and ball screw nuts, turning and milling spindles incl. the B-axis and the BMT-turret; highest precision (example: 0.00008 in. straightness in the Y-axis)


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