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Punches & Dies

Catalog Punches & Dies ‐ now handled by our Dieco Division 800-237-1440


Standard Line Punches, Dies & Wire EDM Blanks  (call 800-237-1440)

Our largest seller. Used in applications ranging from precision stamping to severe heavy duty perforating of metal up to 3/8 inches thick.

Designer Line Punches, Dies, and Guides  (call 800-237-1440)

This is our premium line. Used in high precision applications where ultra-close tolerances are needed.

Quill Punches & Accessories (call 800-237-1440)

Punches, Bushings & Dies and Thrift Quills

Ball Lock Punches & Retainer Sets (call 800-237-1440)

Used where quick punch removal and/or replacement is necessary. Both light duty and heavy duty. Regular and pull-pin ejectors and pilots.

Proflex Strippers  (call 800-237-1440)

Open ended urethane strippers in Shore 95A durometer (yellow).

Other durometers available

Custom Precision Punches & Dies ‐ Contact Inside Sales at Ring Precision.

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