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Laser Engraving


Laser Technologies comes to Ring Precision Components the TruMark Station 5000, allows us to offer our customers precision markings.

Laser marking is the method of choice for those looking to create precise, permanent markings ‐ even in difficult-to-access areas ‐ using a fast, flexible process. Innovative solutions make programming easy and enable you to inscribe information on work pieces as part of your production setup. The permanence of laser markings ensures optimum traceability. In laser marking, the laser beam interacts with the material in different ways, which produces changes in the material surface.

Laser marking can be individually adapted to your requirements and easily integrated into the production process.

Applications Include:

  • Brand identification
  • Lot and date coding
  • Serialized name plates and components
  • Mold cavity, core and pin engraving (see deep engraving)
  • Instrument panels


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